10 Things You Should Store in a Storage Unit Until Your New Home

10 Things You Should Store in a Storage Unit Until Your New Home

Admin | November 27, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Are you trying to find the home of your dreams? With home prices being at an all time high, it could be some time before your find your forever home. Beyond the logistics of finding a new place, packing, and the actual move, its safe to say there may be a lot of time unit that happens. House Storage Plus on 3850 49th Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95823, is not just a storage facility. It's your storage partner in creating a streamlined and seemless transition into your new home. In this insightful guide, we'll look into storing certain items in this transitionary period, giving you the clarity to decide what belongs in your home or storage unit.

List Of Items That Could Reside In Your Storage Unit

1. Reimagine Your Book Collection

Books hold stories, but not all may align with your current reading preferences. As you pack for your move, bring along the books you're engaged with or need for immediate reference. House Storage Plus recommends storing the rest in your storage unit for a couple of months. This waiting period provides perspective, and you might find joy in donating or selling books that no longer peek your interest.

2. Converting Your Music Digitally

Are CDs and vinyl albums crowding your space? House Storage Plus proposes a transformative approach. After six months in storage, convert your music collection to digital and consider selling off your physical copies. Make some additional cash out of your storage unit. It's a digital era, and your tunes can be as versatile as your storage solutions.

3. Art Gallerys

Art is personal, and your new home deserves a curated gallery. Begin with favorites, storing the rest in a storage unit for six months. House Storage Plus suggests revisiting your collection to decide what you love the most, creating a home created just how you like it.

4. Children's Toys

Children's toys are a dime a dozen. Years of birthday gifts can easily accumulate. Prioritize your childs favorite toys so they save those memories for later. After determining what the all time greats were, think about storing the rest in a storage unit. House Storage Plus understands that kids outgrow toys, and this waiting period allows you to discern which toys hold sentimental value and which can find new homes.

5. Decorations and Antiques

Bring a selection of your favorite decorations and antiques to your new home. House Storage Plus advocates for a gradual approach, allowing your space to evolve organically. Find out what complements your home and reflect your evolving taste.

6. Gardening Tools

If gardening isn't an immediate priority upon moving in, House Storage Plus recommends stowing away your gardening tools. Retrieve them when the time is right, ensuring they're ready for whenever you are. Make sure to clean them before you put them in your storage unit long term to avoid any cleaning fees.

7. Electronics

In the digital age, electronics play a pivotal role. House Storage Plus encourages prioritizing frequently used devices. For older electronics and cords awaiting decisions, a temporary storage solution provides time for reflection and future action. Rather it be old tech that isn't available anymore, or electronics that hold sentimental value, think about storing them in your storage unit until you want to revisit using them. I recommend placing them in their original storage container if that is still available. If not, place all the electronics contents in their own box to avoid any confusion when getting them back from your storage unit.

8. Fine China

Fine china adds elegance to special occasions, but House Storage Plus suggests patience. Place the basics in your kitchen initially, then, after a few months, evaluate the ideal display for your china and accompanying cabinet.

9. Extra Bedding

Sheets and blankets in abundance can clutter your linen closets. House Storage Plus advises bringing two to three sets for each bed, storing the surplus for three to six months. Discover the optimal balance between comfort and simplicity.

10. Clothing

Clothing can easily overwhelm your space. House Storage Plus recommends storing seasonal or infrequently worn clothing for a few months. This waiting period allows you to assess what truly enhances your wardrobe and consider donating or recycling the rest.

House Storage Plus Storage Units

As the three to six months unfold, House Storage Plus anticipates you'll not only streamline your belongings but also experience a sense of focus and personalization in your new home. Witness your home transform into a haven of purpose and remember to use House Storage Plus on 3850 49th Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95823

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